Natural Cure Labs Monolaurin Extra Strength

Extra Strength Monolaurin

33% More Per Capsule

In recognition of our high-dose customers, we developed a brand new manufacturing capability to create the first and only 800mg monolaurin capsule. Using our ultra-premium monolaurin from coconut, we’ve managed to fit 800mg into a single capsule the same width as our 600mg capsule. At just just 2mm longer, it is easy to swallow and less hassle than taking multiple capsules.

  • 33% more per capsule (vs 600mg): 800mg of premium Monolaurin in vegetarian capsules

  • 100 count: 100 capsules per bottle

  • Easy to swallow: Just 2mm (0.08 inches) longer and the same diameter as a 600mg capsule

  • Supported by research: may help fight viruses, bacteria, and yeast infections

  • Vegetarian formula. No artificial colors, flavorings, sugar, wheat, yeast, corn, dairy, or soy

  • Manufactured in USA in FDA registered and GMP certified facility

  • Premium ingredients - no additives such as Magnesium Stearate or Silica