HPV and Genital Warts

Last Updated: June 1, 2019 | First Published: August 1, 2015
Reviewed by: Dr. Felix Boakye-Agyeman, M.D., Ph.D

Monolaurin HPV Genital Warts

Monolaurin & HPV

You're not alone: Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States that affects both men and women [1]. There are more than 100 types of the HPV virus, 40 of which can effect the genital areas of males and females. Most infections go away with adequate immune response, and your body may not show symptoms even though the virus is still present. However, when your body is unable to combat the virus, it may lead to genital warts or eventually cancer [Ref #1].

Traditional treatment options: For physical (genital) warts there are some prescription topical creams such as Imiquimod, Podofilox, or trichloroacetic acid, but these treatments can be extremely expensive ($400 per treatment ) and very painful. The most common side effects of these treatments include burning, pain, itching, redness, and swelling [Ref #2].

Home Remedies: Some home remedies include long cycles of uncomfortable and awkward apple cider vinegar (ACV) treatments, oil (tea tree, castor), or extracts to be applied for many hours over many days. These remedies have not been studied and may contribute to the spread of the infection.

Eliminate the virus through immune system boosting: Many HPV infections go away completely unnoticed. For persistent symptoms, a strong immune system is the best way to combat the disease. You can strengthen your immune system through rest, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and supplementing your diet with vitamins especially B, C, D, folic acid and Monolaurin.

Monolaurin Supplements: Monolaurin, derived naturally from coconuts, contains Lauric Acid which has well-documented immune-regulating properties. These immune-boosting attributes may play an integral role in immune support and combating infections [Ref #3]. Monolaurin can be safely taken in a range of doses depending on the severity of condition and personal tolerance. 

Some Immune-boosting Supplements:

  1. Take a daily multivitamin supplement (like Immune Support)

  2. Increase your intake of key immune-boosting vitamins:

    • Vitamin C - up to 1,000 mg

    • Vitamin B12 - 1,000 mcg

    • Vitamin D - 1,000 IU

    • Folic Acid - 400 mcg

  3. Try antioxidants such as garlic or green tea

    • Garlic - 4,000mg

    • Green Tea - 500mg

  4. Take an immune-regulating supplement like Monolaurin

    • Monolaurin 600mg 3-9 times daily

Always consult a health care professional before undertaking any supplement regimen. 


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