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Natural Cure Labs is the premier manufacturer of Monolaurin - an antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial supplement derived from coconuts. Discover how we use science and research to produce the finest supplements available.

Sorry about the short supply...

In the last few weeks, Natural Cure Labs monolaurin has helped hundreds of people support their general health with our premium natural supplements. The feedback and uptake has been incredibly positive, so we decided to upgrade our manufacturing and bottling facilities to make the product even better. Some changes you may notice in your next bottle of Natural Cure Labs monolaurin:

  • Bigger bottle size – to help protect the capsules during transport, and to allow for better cotton and desiccant packs

  • Upgrade from natural rice powder in favor of natural rice extract and rice concentrate – a more premium flow agent to guarantee uniform capsule fill. We will never use synthetic anti-caking agents like magnesium stearate or silica.

  • Updated premium label and artwork – we want you to feel great about our premium product line

  • Addition of UL certification and NPA certification – the facility which manufactures our product has obtained certifications from UL / NPA, and continues to be NSF GMP certified and FDA registered. Safety and quality is our top priority.

  • Made in USA – we have introduced even more domestic suppliers into our manufacturing process and are proud to be entirely made in the USA

These changes were made to ensure you continue to receive the highest quality products. In the process, we had to delay our production schedule and unfortunately had a gap in supply to Amazon and our other retailers.

For this, we are incredibly sorry. We expect to be back in stock across the country by May 13th, 2016. Please reach out to our customer service department with any questions or feedback at

We look forward to making your monolaurin experience even more positive!


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