Celebrating Eight Years of Quality

Celebrating 8 Years of Natural Cure Labs: A Journey of Wellness and Innovation

πŸŽ‰ Natural Cure Labs (Palmara Health) is turning 8, and what an incredible journey it has been! From humble beginnings in San Francisco to becoming a renowned name in the world of health and wellness, here's a quick look at our annual milestones that have shaped our path:

2015 - The Beginning:

  • Our journey began in the heart of San Francisco.
  • We proudly released our very first product, Monolaurin 600mg, laying the foundation for our commitment to natural health.

2016 - Amazon Excellence:

  • We established our Amazon Storefront, making our products accessible to a wider audience.
  • With a dedication to research, we synthesized and published 65 articles on Monolaurin, contributing valuable insights to the community.
  • Natural Cure Labs Monolaurin became the #1 selling and highest rated Amazon Monolaurin at the time.

2017 - Expanding Horizons:

  • We launched Immune Support, a 16-ingredient combo product designed to support your immune system.
  • Our production and storage capacity saw significant expansion to meet growing demands.

2018 - Setting New Standards:

  • We introduced the industry's first 800mg capsule, Extra Strength Monolaurin 800, raising the bar for natural supplements.
  • Monolaurin 600mg production doubled to cater to the increasing demand.
  • Natural Cure Labs was featured in Breast Cancer Wellness, highlighting our commitment to holistic well-being.

2019 - Reaching New Heights:

  • Our operations expanded to 30 warehouses, including a brand new facility in New York.
  • We introduced Biofilm and Clean L-Lysine, along with Monolaurin + L-Lysine.
  • Our presence extended to Walmart's marketplace.
  • We were recognized as a "Best Multivitamin" NEXTY Finalist and featured in the "Immunity Product Guide" by Taste For Life Magazine.

2020 - A Year of Achievements:

  • VitaTails brand pet supplement joined our product lineup.
  • We proudly celebrated selling 10 million capsules, a testament to our customers' trust.
  • New additions like Thyroid Support Dual Capsule, Liquid Immune Support, and Elderberry further diversified our offerings.
  • Alexandra Harbushka from "Life with Herpes" endorsed our products.
  • We were honored with the "Company of the Year" award at the American Business Awards.
  • Recognized as "Best Health & Wellness Nutrition Manufacturer – USA" by North America Business Awards and "Dietary Supplement Supplier of the Year 2020" by Global Health and Pharma (GHP) News.

2021 - Embracing Innovation:

  • A brand-new website was launched, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Andrographis was introduced, expanding our range of natural remedies.
  • We proudly introduced the Palmara Health brand.
  • We received accolades including "Best Research-Driven Dietary Supplement Manufacturer" and "Company of the Year" at the Gold Stevie 2021 American Business Awards and "Best Natural Products Manufacturer – USA" by Global 100 2021.

2022 - Expanding Our Footprint:

  • A new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was established in New Jersey.
  • We extended our reach to 38 warehouses, ensuring quicker and more efficient deliveries.
  • Honored with the "Achievement in Management" award at the American Business Awards.
  • Palmara Health brand continued to grow, offering more solutions for well-being.

2023 - A Year of Opportunities:

  • We proudly entered the Kroger marketplace, making our products even more accessible.
  • The Palmara Health brand continued to thrive, catering to diverse health needs.

As we celebrate our 8th anniversary, we're grateful for your trust and support in our journey toward better health, and we look forward to many more years of innovation, wellness, and shared success. Thank you for being a part of the Natural Cure Labs family! πŸŒΏπŸ’š #NCLAnniversary #8YearsOfWellness

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