Quality & Safety

Natural Cure Labs Safety


We take safety very seriously and have invested in producing some of the finest dietary supplement in the market. 

  • Raw materials come with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from suppliers with long-standing relationships
  • Products are manufactured under cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • All products have double safety seals, LOT numbers, and Expiration Dates 

Natural Cure Labs Quality


All of our finished products are rigorously tested to meet the highest international standards. 

  • All formulas are reviewed by a team of experts and ingredients are supported by a dossier of human clinical studies 
  • All finished products are tested twice - once by an in-house lab, and again by an external accredited third party laboratory 
  • All products are formulated, blended, and bottled in the USA in an FDA-registered manufacturing facility


Natural Cure Labs Safety

Transparency & Compliance

We take pride in our commitment to honest messaging, accurate packaging, and consistent adherence with industry requirements. 

  • All product labels are reviewed by legal experts specially trained in FDA Standards (21 CFR 101.x)
  • Literature, advertising, and videos are reviewed by an external legal compliance team for accuracy
  • Management have completed several NSF training programs (including Dietary Supplement Claims Substantiation and Dietary Supplement Label Compliance)

In an often opaque industry, Natural Cure Labs aspires to be a model company for open, honest, and safe dietary supplements.