Liquid Supplement Sales Increase as More Americans Try Herbal Tinctures

Natural Cure Labs' Liquid Immune Support Exceeds Customer Expectations

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sales of liquid supplements have been on the rise in the health and wellness industry, with more Americans choosing to take their vitamins and herbs in the form of a tincture. The term tincture often refers to the process and product of allowing herbal ingredients to absorb into a liquid medium, but the quality of ingredients and how they're extracted both play key roles in the potency of the final product.

Natural Cure Labs has built its reputation on research-driven, natural products that help provide premium, quality, and transparent options in an often opaque supplement space. Natural Cure Labs creates products that are functional, supported by research, and without artificial additives or preservatives for those looking for a "clean label" supplement option.

One of Natural Cure Labs' most popular products this season is their Liquid Immune Support supplement. With the autumn season in full swing, immune support products have been experiencing their annual spike in sales, but this year has seen an increased focus on immune supplements, including liquid tinctures.

Liquid supplements of all types boast the advantage of not only being easy to swallow but also faster assimilated in comparison to their capsule counterparts. In addition to easier digestion, liquid supplements can also absorb more thoroughly, meaning they offer higher bioavailability than capsule, tablet, or gummy supplements.

Natural Cure Labs' Liquid Immune Support is made using a wild-crafted selection of immune-supporting ingredients including ginger, echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, ginseng, ginkgo, turmeric, and cayenne. These herbal ingredients are cold-processed to preserve their nutritional properties and stabilized in an alcohol-free, low water-activity tincture.

Traditionally tinctured herbs are placed into a base of ethyl alcohol, which allows the properties from the botanicals to leach into the base. Alcohol tinctures are more economical to produce but the alcohol carrier provides no nutritional value and cannot easily absorb sticky, resin-filled botanicals.

Glycerin-based tinctures offer a slightly sweeter, less harsh taste than alcohol and can provide a natural vegetarian alternative to alcohol. Glycerin tinctures can be made without preservatives which may "irritate" the solution, and easily added to your favorite juice or beverage.

Natural Cure Labs is proud to design, research, and produce its high-grade Liquid Immune Support supplements in the United States, making better nutrition available safely and conveniently. Currently, Liquid Immune Support is available through their company website, as well as major online retailers, including

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