Natural Cure Labs Wins 'Company Of The Year' in 2020 American Business Awards

Natural Cure Labs Garners Industry Recognition With Their Modern, Well Managed Supplement Company

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Supplement brand Natural Cure Labs celebrates additional industry recognition as Company of the Year - Health Products & Services Gold Stevie® winner in The 18th Annual American Business Awards®The American Business Awards are the USA's premier business awards program, created to recognize outstanding performance, ingenuity, and positive industry contributions.

Natural Cure Labs is no stranger to this type of recognition since the brand was founded on the principles of research-based design in all of their natural health supplements. Natural Cure Labs focuses on quality, premium ingredients, and building trust through their manufacturing processes, rigorous testing, and professional formulas.

Natural Cure Labs creates supplements for a number of different health applications, such as their celebrated and award-winning Immune Support products with L-lysine, Vitamin C, Elderberry, Zinc, Echinacea, and more. Natural Cure Labs says that they focus on the way ingredients work together synergistically, packing more powerhouse ingredients into each capsule, which can help reduce the number of different supplements that customers take each day.

In addition to their ability to produce science-driven health supplements, Natural Cure Labs has also been recognized for their overall business success. Not only does the company create fantastic products that have been popular with consumer audiences, they have demonstrated excellent growth potential as a brand with strong upward mobility throughout 2020, despite market disruption.

Natural Cure Lab's methodical product design and innovation has led them to consider retail partners for the coming year, as they expand both in the world of e-commerce and in-stores. Additionally, Natural Cure Labs has been receiving praise in industry events, due in part to their deep ingredient knowledge, years of research, and their "clean," user-friendly packaging that has garnered the attention of prospective retail buyers.

In particular, they have had success with their monolaurin supplements, driving awareness and accountability in this growing health category. Natural Cure Labs has developed several monolaurin products, bringing to market a popular range of premium specialty supplements.

Monolaurin, the supplement form of lauric acid, is a medium-chain fatty acid found naturally in a variety of sources, like palm kernel oil, human breast milk, and coconut oil. Natural Cure Labs sources their monolaurin from coconut, taking into account quality, purity, and environmental considerations.

In addition to winning Gold in the category of Company of the Year - Health Products & Services, Natural Cure Labs was also named a Bronze Stevie® winner for Product Development Executive of the Year. The future is looking bright for Natural Cure Labs as they continue to set the standard for high-quality health supplements, expanding their business online and in stores throughout 2020.

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