Natural Cure Labs is now Palmara Health

Natural Cure Labs is changing brands to Palmara Health

Why the name Change?
We began our name change from “Natural Cure Labs” to “Palmara Health” in 2020 to better reflect our company, values, and mission.

What does “Palmara” mean?
Palmara is derived from the word “palmarius” a term which ancient Romans used to describe someone or something extraordinary.
Palmarius translates to "deserving the palm," as the palm leaf was traditionally given to a victor in competition.

Does the palm symbol have a significance?
The palm branch is a symbol of victory with integrity, triumph, peace, and eternal life originating in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world.
We feel these roots embody the spirit of the company, and look to reflect that in our new brand.

Did the product, ingredients, or manufacturing process change?
No -all products, ingredients, manufacturing locations, certifications, and processes are exactly the same. Only the label changed.

Did the company management or ownership change?
No - we are still the exact same company with the same dedicated team of employees and award-winning management staff. Only the name changed.

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