Natural Cure Labs Wants to Make Better Nutrition Easy and Accessible

Natural Cure Labs Expands Their Customer Reach

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Natural Cure Labs was founded on the principle that healthy solutions should be readily available and accessible to everyone. Now, Natural Cure Labs is expanding the sales of their supplements, bringing their natural and heavily researched products to a wider variety of customers.

Natural Cure Labs creates products with a naturopathic background, rigorous testing, and evidence-backed ingredient research. Natural Cure Labs has set itself apart from other companies in the health and wellness marketplace, many of whom are looking to make a quick buck on the rising trend of supplemental health. In 2018 alone, supplement sales in the United States reached over $31 billion, with projections indicating that the next few years would add over a billion more in revenue. With the enormous success of the supplemental health industry comes tight competition and an effect of oversaturation in the marketplace as companies release supplements with subpar value, that often do not hold up under scientific scrutiny.

This is where Natural Cure Labs is changing the game. Natural Cure Labs says that their manufacturing process starts with research. Their ingredient lists are designed based on peer-reviewed literature, read by trained professionals, then sourced ethically and meticulously to ensure that Natural Cure Labs' supplements meet the standards for non-GMO, and natural products, without fillers, allergens, gluten, or animal products.

Nature Cure Labs sells both familiar supplements, like Elderberry and L-lysine, and also some cutting-edge supplements, like Monolaurin, which has garnered a significant amount of recent press for its potential health benefits.

Monolaurin is the supplement form of Lauric Acid, a medium chain fatty acid that can come from coconut or palm kernel oil and is also found in human breast milk. Natural Cure Labs' Monolaurin is sourced from coconuts, making it highly digestible and measurably potent.

While Monolaurin has been around for years as an ingredient in cosmetics and food production, new studies suggest that the benefits may extend beyond what researchers expected from this incredible fatty acid.

Natural Cure Labs seeks to bring transparency to the supplement industry with quality ingredients and factual product research on their side. By expanding to a larger scope of customers over the coming year, Natural Cure Labs hopes they can make it easy for anyone to explore the world of better health through supplemental nutrition. Find them online through their website, and in local stores as soon as 2020.

Natural Cure Labs is an award-winning manufacturer of dietary supplements. The company is committed to producing responsible, trustworthy, and quality supplements that enable individuals to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The immune-focused formulas are manufactured in the USA using premium vegan and non-GMO ingredients based on published medical literature. To learn more about Natural Cure Labs' dedication to quality and research, please visit

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